Thank You for Letting Us Guard Your Young Minds


Young Minds Building Success Charities, Inc. (YMBSC, Inc.) has 10 main programs including Young Minds Academy, Young Minds Academy Tutoring Program, Early Childhood Ready-to-Go School Readiness, Cultural Arts, Family Support and Childcare Services, Economic Literacy and Work-School/Life Solutions, Career Development, Health and Nutrition, Mentoring and Life Coaching, and Young Minds Consulting and Training Services.

We remain positioned with enough flexibility to adapt to the needs and learning style of individual students, technological tools that effectively support student learning, and collaboration opportunities.

Young Minds Academy

Provides services such as tutoring, homework assistance, afterschool programs, summer camps, reading/math/science/engineering learning camps, reader theater, cultural arts, computer programs, health and nutrition, character building, and environmental programs.

Young Minds Academy Tutoring Program

Provides tutoring and homework assistance for school age children and college students, kindergarten to age 22 years.

Cultural Arts Program

provides quality, standards-based instruction and experiences in theater, writing, music, visual arts, film, and dance.

Early Childhood Ready-to-Go School Readiness Program

provides services for children, teachers, and parents of children birth to five years of age. This program offers services such as coaching for early care teachers including those who do not have a four year degree, learning environment support (such as curriculum and instruction, materials, physical set up, character building, health and nutrition,…), career development planning and support, family support services and training, and childcare services.

Family Support and Childcare Services

assesses individual family needs, determines the resources necessary to meet those needs, and develops a pathway for success.

Economic Literacy and Work-School/Life Solutions

provides financial literacy for young people, kindergarten to age 22. This program provides foundational skills to help young people make better financial choices now, in the future, and throughout their life. The program also helps young people develop work-school/life balance skills to better manage such life activities as work, school, family, mental and physical wellness, and recreation.

Career Development Program

includes such services as training for young people and teachers, improved planning to better match educational goals with career goals, career transitional services, mentoring, dress and grooming, and personal development.

Health and Nutrition Program

presents physical and nutritional training and activities to provide young people the skills to facilitate healthy living now and in the future.

Mentoring and Life Coaching Program

services include one-on-one mentoring for young people, as well as training and development opportunities for personal and professional goals.

Young Minds Consulting and Training Services

provide individuals and organizations with personal and professional development. We promote organizational effectiveness through tools such as training, assessment, coaching and environmental organization.